Sizing Guide

1. Measure your calf at its broadest circumference

2. Measure the length of your outside ankle bone to the top of its length at the knee

3. Put your Measurements against the guide and choose the best size for you


Sizing Table 


1. Once you have selected the matched sizing, undo the velcro and stick it back together over the dial

2. Ensure the dial is unlocked at maximum thread length

3. Collect the sock from the top opening and gather it on either side in the webbing of both hands

4. Slide the toe of the sock over user toes and release the fabric as you pull the sleeve up the foot and around the heel

5. Continue to pull up the calf and release the sleeve until fully unraveled

6. Pull tightly on the sock for even and optimal compression - The Sock should finish just below your knee cap

7. Ensure dial alignment with the heel

8. Redo velcro with logo facing forward

9. Ensure there is a firm but comfortable fit

10. Press and Turn Dial to add tension as required for pain relief

11. Start lighter and work heavier as needed

12. Wear for 1-2 hours with shoes on

13. Add 1 hour of wear time every day until as required



DO NOT wear the device to bed or sleep

Release the dial mechanism when sitting or sedentary